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Viewing crap from 07-12-2013.
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Order # Username Status WeightSizeDeliveryDestinationContents and ValueLinks
453534xx netboy34 Delivered 6.2 (lb) 18.0x12.0x12.0 (in)
(1.5 ft³)
07-18-2013 Kennesaw, GA
Got my a day early as thought... (although tracking didn't even say it arrived at the post office yet)

11x bags of texas air (x2 are slightly deflated) $0

1x Collapsible Collander $14

1x Bluetooth wireless Motorola mouse with batteries (no dongle but not sure if it even came with one) $7

2x Motorola USB to 3.5mm jack microphone line set (maybe it went to a headset?) $unknown

1x Polkadot Journal Notebook 3 piece set $2

1x Enchanted Meadow Hand and Body lotion, Alpine meadows scent $20

2x 9volt Sonyo batteries $5 ea.

1x Kids size 8 Pet Food woot shirt $18

1x Crab bag $2

1x Ryan's Room Lace 'Em Up Dragon $24
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453531xx rareware Shipped 7.7 (lb) 18.0x12.0x12.0 (in)
(1.5 ft³)
07-19-2013 Kennesaw, GA
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453529xx benza Shipped 6.9 (lb) 13.0x10.0x8.0 (in)
(0.6 ft³)
07-19-2013 St Paul, MN
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453518xx AvohkahTamer Shipped 6.4 (lb) 13.7x10.2x8.6 (in)
(0.7 ft³)
07-20-2013 North Aurora, IL
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